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Beauty And Beyond! Check Out The Reasons To Hold Wedding In Bali


Uluwatu wedding venue

Have you ever wondered why people love to go a thousand miles just to tie the knot in Bali? The beauty of Bali island is one of the reasons. You got tons of locations to pick for the special day, including the high spot Uluwatu. The Uluwatu wedding venue can turn into a wonderful place for your day. Why so? Here are the explanations you will discover upon the time.

Reasons Why You Need To Choose Uluwatu

1. A Place With Scenic Views

Uluwatu might be far from the downtown or the famous beaches in Bali, however, it has its perk. The high elevated position makes Uluwatu the best place to witness the scenic sunset. Not only that, but some venue also has a unique location to the held wedding ceremony. It can be on the cliff end, on the private beach, on the modern terrace of the villa. The choice is yours. 

2. The Total Privacy

Due to the less crowded location and more silent environment, you can enjoy the special day to the fullest. Not only that, but some of the high-end Uluwatu wedding venues might also come as villas. So, you got the chance to enjoy total privacy and stay in the venue without getting disturbed by unknown people.

3. You Own The Whole Place

The idea of renting a venue in the form of a villa is not far from the possibility to own the whole place. You are not only tying the knot in the scenic platform. But, you also have the rooms, pools, and assortment of facilities for you, family, friends, or attendees. You can consider this idea as a way to give proper and united accommodation for every people you invite. 

4. The Budget Consideration

If you are fuzzy about the budget, you can see how renting a venue helps you save more. In the case of the Uluwatu wedding venue, you can also choose one that also comes with accommodation, facilities, or planning offers. Sometimes, the venue also takes care of the food, catering, party, or entertainment. With proper planning and choosing, you can make it more cost-effective.

It is not a surprise that Uluwatu is known for its beauty since it is located in the western part of Bali. The plateau location is pretty far from the downtown area. So, you got more private moments for the wedding. The less isolated location also completes the scenic views. Therefore, you will get the best wedding ceremony ever. 

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